Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo

Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo

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For any blonde suffering from dull, dry, brassy or generally bleurgh hair, rejoice, Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo is here!

In just 3-minutes, the new addition to the evo fabuloso offering will banish yellow tones and brassiness, gently cleanse and leave hair feeling oh-so-lush. If that’s not enough, it can be perfectly paired with cult-fave, fabuloso platinum blonde color boosting treatment for the ultimate in super-intensely-toned hair glory.

It goes without saying that blondes want a toning shampoo to be strong, and this one is just that, strong. Professional strength in fact. The purple pigment load has been maxed so that hair is toned quickly and evenly while giving hair a healthy dose of nourishment that blonde hair so desperately needs. Unlike grandma’s purple shampoo, this one softens and strengthens for improved condition and manageability while sulfate-free cleansers work hard to clean the hair without stripping the color.

Wet hair. Wear gloves. Lather, wait 1-3 minutes depending on desired result and rinse. Repeat if necessary. for a more intense result, follow with fabuloso colour boosting treatment. Use weekly.